38mm Wastegate Screamer Pipe



Wastegate 38mm Dump Pipe made from quality stainless steel

When you are needing a screamer pipe to maximise that wastegate you can't go past this little beauty which will make your wastegate literally scream, cheaper than making up a customer screamer this will bolt straight on, it is completely universal. Slight modifications might require to fit vehicles depending on your wastegates angle.

• Will bolt straight onto your wastegate
• 2 bolt 38mm wastegate flanges
• Pipe is on a 45 degree angle
• Stainless Steel
• High Quality
• Lifetime Warrenty

• x1 38mm Wastegate Gasket
• Nuts and Bolts to bolt on
• x1 Screamer Pipe

Scarles™ also offers a range of 38mm wastegates from SCR™ ones to Turbosmart™. These screamers will bolt straight on.

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