Scarles "S" Pattern Horn Button



Scarles™ Steering Wheel Horn Button

Own an aftermarket steering wheel and you either got it from a mate or your current horn button doesn't work? We have your solution with a completely universal horn button that has our signature SCARLES "S" pattern with a gloss black finish, meaning it will suit any types of wheels out there. Has two pins on the back of it for the positive and negative connection to make your horn work and will clip into the centre of your steering wheel. It is the same horn button used on our Dedicated Drift, The Leather wheel and our Box Racer steering wheels.

* Made from high quality plastic
* Centre circle has signature SCARLES "S"
(Please mention if you would prefer a PLAIN BLACK button)
* Total height 19.31mm (excluding pins)
* Outside Diameter 61mm
* Outside Diameter where it will sit into the centre of your steering wheel 55mm
* Suited to fit into aftermarket Drift Steering Wheels, OMP, Momo, Sportsline, SAAS, Nardi wheels.
* Lifetime Warranty

• 1 Scarles™ Horn Button

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