Wheel Spacers 5mm 5x139.7 & 6x139.7 - PAIR



Only 1 piece in stock!

Wheel Spacers 5mm thick multifit cast aluminium

Scarles™ multi fit wheel spacers are the perfect solution when you are fitting on your new wheels or suspension and your tyres or mag wheels end up rubbing on something. These are the easy slip on spacers that can fit on majority of 5 and 6 stud wheel hubs for most vehicles on the market. Made from quality cast alloy we back them with our lifetime warranty.

* Will fit onto 5 & 6 stud wheel hubs
* Made from Die Cast Alluminium
* Sold per pair of spacers
* 5mm thickness
* Lifetime warranty

* x2 pieces of 5mm wheel spacers

In addition to these spacers we offer slim line wheel spline nuts that come with a locking key sold in sets of 16 or 20 nuts to fit your vehicle.

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