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40mm Wastegate diaphragm



HKS & HKS Style 40mm Wastegate diaphragm

A wastegate diaphragm sits inside your wastegate and will stabilise the pressure and prevent the wastegate from any leaks. After time your wastegate can start leaking and not performing properly, and this is mostly the cause of your wastegate's diaphragm splitting. This item will replace your old broken one with a brand new high quality one.

• Suited to fit:HKS 40mm wastegates and HKS copy or style 40mm wastegates.
• High quality replacement
• 12 Month Warranty

• x1 Diaphragm

Incase your wastegate is to far gone to fix, Scarles offers our own range of 38mm, 44mm and 60mm wastegates or our genuine Turbosmart wastegate range.