50mm Blow off Valve Adapter



BOV 50mm Aluminium weld on adapter - Suited for Tial & Tial Style BOVS

At Scarles™ we service all types of blow of valves from a variety of brands, and with any blow off valve you need adapters to make them fit to most vehicles. Our 50mm alloy flange adapter is to be welded into your intercooler piping so you can attach a Tial style or genuine Tial blow of valve to this adapter.

• Fits any aluminium piping, just needs to be welded in
• Made from the finest alloy on the market
• Suited for Tialsport BOV's
• Lifetime Warranty

• x1 BOV adapter

Scarles™ offers a range of boost controllers for your vehicle, ranging from manual tap boost controllers to our HDI incabin electronic boost controllers and world famous Gizzmo electrical boost controllers.

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