Air Intake System Civic/CRX EF Full Kit



Our amazing air intake pipes will bring greater performance to your vehicle by using this high quality aluminium pipe to suck in COLD air in into your intake. Replaces your rubber pipe that easily get holes in them and end up get hot under your bonnet causing your vehicle to suck in hot air instead of that much needed cold air.

* Suits 1988-1991 EC , ED , EE , EF vehicles
* Engines D13B , D14A , D15B, D16A, B16A
* Sold as a complete kit to fit straight on for your Honda Air Intakes.
*Will also fit other Honda's we have had these fit perfect to Accords and other model types, just ask or bring the car to us for the best fitting! Also check your engine bay and see which intake system suits your vehicle!
* 3" Aluminium Pipe on both ends
* Comes with what you see in the photo.
- High Quality Scarles Pod Filter
- x2 Tbolt Clamps
- x1 2.5" - 3" Silicone Hose
- x1 High Air Flow Aluminium Intake Pipe

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