Aluminium Pipe Beading



Aluminium Pipe Beading for tube 2" to 4" in size

Scarles™ now offers pipe beading for any aluminium tubing, whether the pipe was purchased through Scarles or not. Most aluminium tubing on the market is used for intercooler setups or air intake systems and do not come with the ends "beaded" ( meaning the ends have that bump ). The Beading ensures silicon hoses doesn't slip of once its tighten on with a hose clamp.

• You need to arrange to get the pipe to us and pick it up again, or you can purchase aluminium tubing through us and advise us to bead the end.
• Listing is for Scarles to bead one end of your pipe
• If supplying your own pipe, it must be cut with a drop saw/ perfectly straight edged as the beading machine requires this

* x1 aluminium beading service

We have a range of high quality Flexi-Grip™ vaccum hose and silicone hose available to tidy up your engine bay and replace dried and old hoses. Sizes start from as little as 2mm inside diameter up to 20mm in vaccum hose and in silicone hose for intercooler piping it starts from 32mm / 34mm / 2" up to 4" inside diameter hoses.

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