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Davis Craig Electric Water Pump 12v 150L



Scarles presents our new Davis Craig product range. The EWP150 Alloy Electric Water Pump - univresal fit, do-it-yourself, easy to install water pump designed to replace or compliment your existing belt-driven mechanical water pump. By removing the parasitic power losses of a belt-driven water pump the EWP can provide up to 10kW of extra power, increased torque, increased cooling capacity, eliminating heat soak and provide better engine temperature control.

* Operating Voltage 3V DC to 15V DC
* Maximun Current 10A
* Flow Rate 150L/Min
* Operating Temperature -40c to 130c
* Made from High Quality Aluminium
* Comes with Alloy pump, Wiring Harness, Rubber adapter sleeves, Hose clamps and various hardware accessories