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Gilmer Drive Pulley Kit Mazda Rx7

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Gilmer pulley to suit Mazda Rx7 vehicles series 1-5 - Square tooth type

Don't you just love the loud pulse of those Rotary's? and how about that whine they have when they idle! This product will give you that whine, easy to fit on and hassle free. Get your kit today and enjoy the kit to make your engine bay sound and look amazing.

• PLEASE NOTE: This application will fit up to your series 1-5. Alternator shafts vary between all series 1-5 so they will either be 15mm or 17mm. We supply the alternator pulley as a 15mm fit. If you require a 17mm fitting, this can be easily machined out by yourself.
• Alternative spelling's of Gilmer or Gilmour or Gilmore
• Pulleys all made from aluminium
• Square tooth pulley
• 1.5" Wide belt
• 12 Month Warranty

- Application Variations:
• 15mm Shaft Alternator Pulley (for 17mm applications this can be easily enlarged by you)
• 15mm Shaft Water Pump Pulley (for series 5 Rx7 vehicles it needs to be enlarged to 17mm, this can be easily enlarged by you)
• Series 1-3 also come with the water pump spacer.

• x1 Power Steering Pulley
• x1 Water Pump Spacer
• x1 Water Pump Pulley
• x1 Main drive Pulley
• x1 Alternator Pulley
• x1 Pulley Belt

While you are finishing of your engine with this premium pulley kit, Scarles™ offers coilover suspension for the RX7 FC vehicles from D2 suspension.