Mud Chains SCR Urethane 14" Tyres



Snow Chains SCR Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) to suit 14 inch Tyres

Scarles™ SCR alternative TPU Snow chains. Unlike the conventional steel snow chains which can rattle, be extremely noisy and uncomfortable to drive these are for comfort and to use with ease when travelling up and down the mountains or in any snowy terrain on our roads. These hold grip better than snow chains, are easier to put on, and more comfortable to drive on.

* Fitment for 14" Tyres (For Chains Fitment and Tyre Guide visit )
* Quick mounting design and easy to install (approx 2-3 minutes per tyre max)
* Suitable for use on snow covered roads, icy roads and on mud roads.
* Suggested to not exceed 50 km/h on snow & mud, less on icy roads
* Main body is made of high-tech mixed material (TPU)
* On muddy roads these offer an "anti-skid function"
* Bears low temperature and endures abrasion
* No shaking when the vehicle is running
* 24 month warranty

* x2 TPU Snow chains for your tyre size
* x2 Rubber eye fitment bands
* x2 Rubber finishing bands
* Pair of gloves
* Fitment tool

Scarles™ offers a range of roof racks and accessories from cross bars, kayak holders, bike racks , snow racks, tie downs , bar protecting pads and other accessories.

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