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Oil Cooler Fitting Kit with Relocation



Universal Oil Cooler Fitting Kit

When you purchase a oil cooler you are needing lines and a relocation kit of your oil filter to connect them up! This is the product you need to make this all happen. Simply mount the oil cooler where you want it and then attach these lines into the oil cooler, and then they go back to your oil filter and use one of the plates in this kit to relocate the position of the oil filter to finish your setup of.

• Full oil relocation kit (relocates your oil filter in your engine bay and will attach an oil cooler to this)
• Full Universal Oil Fitting Kit suited for Scarles™ 7 Row,10 Row and 15 Row Oil Coolers
• Includes Dash -10 Fittings on the end of the hoses
• High Quality Braided Lines
• will fit any vehicle
• 12 Month Warranty

• x2 Hoses at approx 1560mm each - including fittings
• x1 Hose at approx 1050 - including fittings
• Oil filter sandwich plate
• Mounting fittings

Scarles can supply oil filters to suit this kit with 7 / 10 or 15 Row oil coolers. Get your entire oil cooling system sorted today