Plasti Dip Aerosol Can Blaze Pink


You can spray your mags, window trims, underneath of your vehicle, or even spray your entire vehicle! Can also be used for under body sealant when you have striped your vehicle back to remove rust. Very quick and easy to spray on and comes up as a plastic type material once dry, very durable also. Potential has been used for a number of other purposes. Ask us if you need more details about potential jobs this could do!

* Latest hot item out of the shelves! This stuff is amazing!
* 311g in a can!
* GO TO YOUTUBE.COM and type in "plasti dip" for amazing stuff you can do with this gear!
* A rubber insulation coating which gives excellent acid, alkaline and abrasion protection, while permanently sealing out moisture and salt.
* This rubber-based coating will not harden, unravel or become brittle even in extreme weather conditions.
* We currently stock ALL Plasti Dip Colors that are in New Zealand, feel free to visit our show room to see them all.
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