Rhino Rack Alloy Tray 1200x770mm


Scarles are now a dealer of all Rhino Rack products, we have a huge range available and can order in any Rhino Rack products for your vehicle.

Designed to last you a life time this Alloy tray is built Rhino Tough. Made from structural aluminium and glass reinforced nylon, this tray is strong and robust. So whether you're getting away for the weekend or serious 4wd trip this Alloy Tray is the perfect solution to carry your smaller sized luggage needs.

Features Include:
* Internal length 1200mm
* Internal Width 770mm
* Easy to assemble and install
* Unique tie off points
* Minimal wind noise
* Non corrosive components
* Recommended to fit 2 cross bars
*This Alloy Tray requires a fit kit that is sold separately, click on the Parts and Prices tab to choose a fit kit.

**For Alloy Luggage tray to fit, bars can not be positioned further than 1000mm apart.

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