Rhino Rack Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier


Scarles are now a dealer of all Rhino Rack products, we have a huge range available and can order in any Rhino Rack products for your vehicle.

The Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier transports your watercraft on it's side to minimise width, allowing other sporting equipment or luggage carriers to be mounted on the roof rack system of most vehicles. The Rhino-Rack Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier is the perfect solution for carrying a variety of kayaks. Fitting directly to the Rhino Aero crossbar, the screw to tighten mechanism is quick and easy. The Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier will also fit to the Rhino Heavy Duty crossbars, with the use of the KC-FK8 Fitting Kit, and the Euro crossbars with the use of the KC-FK10 Fitting Kit. There is also a Fitting Kit KC-FK9 to attach the Kayak Carrier to the Rola Rack and old Commercial bars.

* Rubber tube padding protection.
* Stainless steel hardware included.
* Steel tube with state of the art coating protection.
* Some assembly required.
* Universal mounting system to suit all cross bar shapes.
* 4 straps included in the kit.(2 x padded 3 metre kayak straps and 2 x 5.5 metre Rhino-Rack tie-down straps)
* 2 year warranty.
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