Rhino Rack Guttermount Roof Rack 110mm



When you need the best durable trade roof racks for your van or gutter vehicle you cant go past our amazing RHINO RACK TRADE range. Any vehicle that has gutters you can attach these roof racks onto them, very simple and easy screw function to attach. These are also perfect for the use on vans with high roofs. Having such a high clearance it makes transporting certain tools and equipment perfect without damaging the roof on your vehicle.

The Rhino Heavy Duty range can carry substantial loads and generally has a higher load rating than any other roof rack type. And if your vehicle has a low load rating, don't stress too much, because typically Rhino has been able to increase certain load ratings through a number of methods and by spreading the load over multiple bars. So by using a Rhino Heavy Duty roof rack system your guaranteed to get the maximum load carrying capacity for you vehicle.

* Non Rust roof racks, universally fit vehicles with rails
* This listing is for 110mm feet.
* Two per set.
* These fit any vehicle that has gutter rails running parallel down the car!
* Highest load rating per bar 100kg
* Highest Quality

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