SCR Carbon Fibre Air Intake & Filter



Our SCR air intakes will bring greater performance to your vehicle by using this high quality plastic turbo pipe to suck in COLD air in into your intake. Replaces your rubber pipe that easily get holes in them and end up get hot under your bonnet causing your vehicle to suck in hot air instead of that much needed cold air. Inside the carbon fibre enclosure is a high quality pod filter. This kit is perfect for those with a 4WD and need there air filter system securely water tight and away from the elements. Ideal if you have a snorkel kit on your vehicle already.

* Full Intake System for your 4X4 or car system.
* Comes with 700mm air intake pipe
* Fully enclosed urethane pod filter
* 3" inlet and outlets
* Ideal when running a snorkel in your vehicle.

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