SCR420 T3T4 Turbo for RB25 RB30 rated 560hp+



Scarles™ SCR420 Turbo ( or an alternative turbo the T3-T4 Turbo )

SCR420 by Scarles™. The SCR420 is the next step up from the classic SCR350 turbo for any motor aiming up around 560hp. Rated at about 420KW it will be able to handle a larger power increase over the SCR350. Can either be run standard with the internal wastegate or simply unbolt that to run it with an external wastegate. Scarles have all the flanges and gaskets available for this. T3 flange making easy bolt up and fitting to most your standard T3 flanged engines like the RB series. Larger development of the SCR320.

• Turbine Housing made of High MO Ductile Iron (DI). With good Anti-oxidation ability.
• Fully polished and Scarles Embedded on the front of most of the turbos!
• Perfect upgrade for your Nissan Rb25det , Rb30det, 
• Fits: Nissan Skyline , Silvia 
• Quicker spool then any other T3/T4 turbo.
• Compressor Wheel: 81.7x61
• Compressor Housing 62.1x51
• Turbine Wheel: 74.17x56.59
• 14psi Actuator
• Rated around 420KW
• T3 Turbo Flange
• 24 Month Warranty

• SCR420 Turbo
• Internal Wastegate

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