SCR320 T3T4 Turbo Quick Spool Core Only



If you happen to of run into misfortune with your SCR320 turbo and want a cheaper alternative rather than buying a brand new turbo, here we have a brand new core replacement for your turbo. Very simply to install. Unbolt the front and rear housing of your damaged or faulty turbo, throw away your damaged core and replace it with this core. No need to take the turbo to a rebuilder or open up the internals of the core.

Info about the SCR320 below:

SCR320 by Scarles™. Our most popular turbo in the Universal range. The SCR320 is an original concept designed and tested in New Zealand by Scarles™. The idea was to produce a turbo that was better and would supersede the T3T4 design. Replacing the turbine housing from A/R .63 to A/R .58 give this turbo a quicker and more efficient spool then any other turbo of its kind on the market. Can either be run standard with the internal wastegate or simply unbolt that to run it with an external wastegate. Scarles have all the flanges and gaskets available for this. T3 flange making easy bolt up and fitting to most your standard T3 flanged engines like the RB series and TD42's.

• Turbine Housing made of High MO Ductile Iron (DI). With good Anti-oxidation ability.
• Fully polished and Scarles Embedded on the front of most of the turbos!
• Perfect upgrade for your Nissan Rb20det , Rb25det , TD42 Engines
• Fits: Nissan Skyline , Silvia , Safari / Patrol Y60 GU GQ models.
• Quicker spool then any other T3/T4 turbo.
• Compressor Wheel: 76.2x52.8
• Compressor Housing A/R 0.5
• Turbine Housing: A/R 0.58
• Turbine Wheel: 65.15x48
• Rated around 320KW
• T3 Turbo Flange
• 24 Month Warranty

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