Suede Dedicated Drift steering 350mm-90mm



Suede Dedicated Drift steering 350mm-90mm

The Scarles™ dedicated drift wheel is made from select cuts of premium suede. Hand stitched with minimalist logo etching on an anodise frame to ensure only a quality finish. This is the perfect wheel for those seeking to maximise the grip offering on any track, rally or street situation.

* Wrapped in premium suede
* Diameter 350mm
* Deep Dish 90mm
* Extremely Light
* Universal fit
* Extra grip
* Lifetime Breaking Warranty

Included with the Drift Wheel:
* Anodised horn surround cover
* Horn button & wiring
* Steering Wheel

Scarles™ has a complete range of Boss Kits / HKB kits & steering wheel hubs available. Airbag, hicas & cruise control kits are all covered. Also offering NRG Quick release kits for added security and seat access.

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