Universal Side Lift Trolley Jack Pad



Universal Side Lift Trolley Jack Pad

A must have product for backyard mechanic's, professional workshop's and car enthusiasts. The GAI Universal Side Lift Jack Pad protects your pinch welds from unnecessary bending and damage when using a trolley jack. Made from 100% polyurethane to ensure it can stand up to the trials of a workshop.

This product is far superior to any rubber version on the market. Unlike its rubber counterparts it won't split apart at the mere sight of jack, in fact we have tried using it upside down, sideways and every incorrect way we could think of and it is still as good as new. However we do require you use it correctly for your own safety.

This is also the only* trolley jack pad on the market that will clear most plastic covers around the factory jacking area.

Always inspect the jack pad before use, if there is a split in the product discontinue use and contact GAI IMMEDIATELY !
Not for use with jack stands.
Product will deform and bend slightly during use, this is normal and helps spread the load evenly.
Always jack from a flat smooth surface and never get place any part of your body under a vehicle without jack stands.
Product must only be used as intended at your vehicles factory jacking points, if in doubt, refer to your owners manual or contact GAI BEFORE use of this or any of our products.
Guerrilla Automotive Innovation claims no responsibility for incidents brought about by the incorrect use of this or any of our products or jacking equipment.

*Based on 2016 Holden Cruze doing 15,000 km's per year and 7 trees/tonne of CO2

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