Turbosmart factory tour

Recently we got invited to visit the Turbosmart manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia. Never one to miss an invitation, we jumped on a flight and headed over there.

At first glance we were well impressed by the professionalism of the place, staff knowledge & expert advice. 


Turbosmart's Mazda Rx7 Test Vehicle


 Browsing through the warehouse we came across this site, the Turbosmart Rx7 equipped with all their latest equipment, featuring a few exciting new products like their Power Port blow of valve and the Oil pressure regulator 

Spot all the Turbosmart goodness


Twin Wastegate's assisting that not so subtle Garrett Turbo   

Turbosmart Power Port up close and personal



Oil Pressure + Fuel Pressure regulation ready to go


Pretty standard these days to have a fuel pressure regulator in any performance vehicle, but its good to see Turbosmart innovations in action again with testing their fairly new oil pressure regulator on the Rx7. 

A small feature of their warehouse


Don't be fooled by this photo, the warehouse is massive, here we have a huge amount of components ready to assemble the quality Turbosmart products featured below.

Let the quality control begin


Once the wastegates are assembled, each and every wastegate passes through a number of tests and quality control checks to ensure you get the best product in your vehicle. 

Check check check


Checking the pressure in the Power-Gate 60 before it gets packaged into its box shaped to fit this 60mm wastegate beast.  

Step 1 of your boost increase


 Featuring the famous Turbosmart Boost Tee, don't be fooled by it's size, these are the most reliable boost tee's on the market. We found trays of these stacked away in the warehouse ready to be packaged.

Its about precision 

Product looks great, feels great, works how it should, gets quality controlled but this is all coupled with that precision and care thats taken on every single item. Just a range of their European direct bolt on BOVS.


Another successful trip to one of our partners in Australia