From humble beginnings back in 2006 Scarles started with a group of friends, a work shop and a passion for the car scene. We now sport the largest Performance Automotive brand in the nation and offer a massive array of products and leading brands.

We guarantee everything we sell and are committed to offering the best products and services around backed with quality warranties. Trust in our over 16 years of experience. We are here to serve you.


Our story started back in 2005 when a couple of friends got together with some big ideas, a lot of energy & enthusiasm. Joining their last names together to create SCARLES [pronounced: SCAR-LISS to clear up all those years of confusion].

SCARLES has one aim - to bring quality performance products into the hands of our customers & redesign the culture around cars.

Sick of companies sole marketing just half-naked woman (though let's face it, we all liked it) we wanted to bring change. And change we did as we developed our brand ethos:


Our first ever showroom

Straight to the drawing board to design, draft and craft prototypes to test and approve before booking flights to sort exclusive manufacturing from factories selectively chosen and seen.

On the eve of 2006, SCARLES was ready to serve our first client. Daniel brought a boost controller that we heavily discounted so he could pay us only a $10 bill, which he signed. To this day we still have our first dollar laminated in our studios as a reminder of how far we've come.

Our holy grail. The first ever sale

In present day we've developed our brand a little more. Even though we are in the "automotive" industry, our real goal is to help people fall more in love with their vehicles. You keep us alive, and we are here to serve you.

We hope you spread the word 🙏

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Our first every major photoshoot that nearly killed our model

A new beginning was born when we moved to 41 Patiki Road, Auckland.

Scarles retail showroom