Box Racer Suede steering wheel 280mm



Box Racer Suede Steering Wheel 280mm Flush.

The Scarles™ Box Racer is made from select cuts of premium suede. Hand stitched with minimalist logo etching on an anodise frame to ensure only a quality finish. This is the perfect wheel where space is limited are you are requiring that smaller diameter wheel to suit your vehicle.

* Wrapped in premium suede
* Diameter 280mm
* Flat / Flush Wheel
* Extremely Light
* Universal fit
* Extra grip
* Lifetime Breaking Warranty

Included with the Box Racer Suede Wheel:
* Anodised horn surround cover
* Horn button & wiring
* Steering Wheel

Scarles™ has a complete range of Boss Kits / HKB kits & steering wheel hubs available. Airbag, hicas & cruise control kits are all covered. Also offering NRG Quick release kits for added security and seat access.

From humble beginnings back in 2006 Scarles started with a group of friends, a work shop and a passion for the car scene. We now sport the largest Performance Automotive brand in the nation and offer a massive array of products and leading brands.
We guarantee everything we sell and are committed to offering the best products and services around backed with quality warranties. Trust in our over 10 years of experience. We are here to serve you


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