Boss Kit HKB Honda Civic FD2 2006 upwards



HKB is known in the industry as the top quality boss kits in the market, when you purchase an aftermarket steering wheel you will be needing a boss kit so that you can use your steering wheel on your vehicle. All you need to do is unbolt your factory steering wheel from your vehicle and place this boss kit in the place of your steering wheel and it should fit on snug. Once the boss kit is on you can place the aftermarket steering

* High Quality genuine HKB Boss Kits
* This kit is for the Insight ZE2(with Air Bag) 09/2, ODYSSEY RB3/4(with Air Bag) 08/10- , CROSSROAD RT(with Air Bag) 07/2- , CIVIC/CR-X FD(with Air Bag) 07/3 - ,CIVIC/CR-X FN2(with Air Bag) 09/11 - ,CR-V RE3/4(with Air Bag) 06/10 - , CR-Z ZF1(with Air Bag) 10/2- ,STEP WAGON RK(with Air Bag) 09/10- , STREAM RN6-9(with Air Bag) 06/7- , FREED GB(with Air Bag) 08/5-, FIT GD6-9(with Air Bag) 07/10- , MOBILIO(SPIKE) GB, GK(with Air Bag) 05/12 - , LIFE/DUNK JB5-8(with Air Bag) 03/9- , LIFE/DUNK JC1/2(with Air Bag) 08/11-
* We have HKB boss kits for all vehicles but please inquirer with a question about what vehicle you have before you buy.
* Comes with Fitting Kit

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