BOV Adapter Greddy Type RS Nissan RB



BOV Adapter Type Racing Spec (Type-RS) to fit Nissan Bluebird's , Nissan Skyline , Rb20det , Rb25det, Cefiro , Laurel J Pipe etc

On a factory turbo Nissan Skyline Rb20det or Rb25det they have a J pipe running from the intake manifold and of the pipe has the factory blow off valve on it. To run an aftermarket blow off valve you need this adaptor to go onto that pipe and you place the aftermarket blow off valve onto this pipe. Easy modification to do yourself and a essential part of getting that awesome blow off valve sound!

Will fit genuine Greddy TypeRS blow of valves also and your style ones
Nissan Skyline / Laurel & Cefiro Blow off valve adapter
Easy to Fit and install onto piping

x1 Blow off Valve Adapter

Scarleshas two unique blow off valves named "Stealth" and "2Stealth," these blow off valves will bolt directly onto this adapter.

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