Electric Radiator Fan 14" Curved



14" Electric Radiator Fan

Replaces your old factory radiator fan or when you purchase a new aftermarket radiator you either need new fans or don't have the space for factory fans to fit. These are super slim and with fit most applications you are attempting to do. Easy to fit onto the radiators with our special mounting kits.

These are high current rated fans, meaning they can pull through multi core radiators and intercoolers without slowing down. CFM therefore is not a required indication for the performance of these fans.

• NOTE: Fans mounting positions may vary to what they show on the photo
• Fits on any radiator with our mounting kits
• Pull type fan only, Cannot be flipped
• Made of Intensive Nylon Material
• Know as a Slim Line cooling fan
• Power: 120W / 8Amps / 12V
• CFM 1650
• Extremely Light

• Measurements:
• Diameter of Fan Blades 340mm Curved and 328mm Straight
• Depth 68mm
• Height 360mm
• Length 370mm

• x4 Mounting Clips
• x1 Radiator Fan

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