Mitsubishi EVO 1-3 4G63T TD05 Turbo Outlet Gasket MULTI LAYERED STEEL



Rear of the Turbo Outlet Gasket Multi layered Steel - Mitsubishi Evolution 1-3 TD05 Outlet gasket

Turbo outlet gaskets are used to go in between your turbo flange and the downpipe exhaust flange to stop any leaks. When it comes to this you want to ensure you get the best quality ones on the market not the cheap paper gaskets. This will ensure it protects the flange surfaces from any exhaust leaks which ultimately will affect your vehicles performance.
* Fitment for Mitsubishi Evolution 1-3 4G63 type turbos that run the 4 bolt flange
* Multi layer steel pressed
* High quality steel

* x1 Gasket

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