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1x Pair of front hubs

AT LAST! The GKTECH 5x114.3 conversion hubs are now available - a bolt on solution for converting your 86 / BRZ or GR86 from 5x100 to 5x114.3 stud pattern. 

It's common knowledge the 5x100 stud pattern leads to some less desirable wheel choices, a serious lack of availability, poor sizing and unable to run the classic favourites we've all grown to love over the years of modifying cars. With this conversion, we've made it possible to simply remove the old 5x100 hubs and install our 5x114.3 hubs. 

- Heat treated structural steel body and flange
- Grade 10.9 studs pre installed using OEM ID of 14.3mm
- Compatible in both 5x100 and 5x114.3 configurations
- Compatible with OEM ABS systems
- OEM Hub offsets
- OEM quality bearings, seals and quality SHELL grease pre installed
- Optional HFM slotted front rotor for BRZ/GTS
- Included 5x114.3 template for easy DIY rotor re-drilling 

Both front and rear hubs come ready to install, with bearings and studs pre installed - making it easier than ever. For those using BRZ or GTS calipers we're providing a ready to go front disc option, those using Brembo (PP) calipers simply re-drill the rotors to the desired 5x114.3 pattern using the template provided. 

Installing the rear hubs couldn't be easier, using the template provided you can re-drill the OEM disc and install with all model calipers your car has installed. What makes it even better? It's completely reversible as the hubs are compatible in both 5x100 and 5x114.3 configurations!   

Due to the rise and fall of other brands' conversion hubs, we have to be meticulous in testing and confident in the product before offering it to the public. To start with, choosing the right wheel bearing that is both affordable for the customer and meets the level of performance we require can be a little difficult. We made SURE these were ready for motorsport and daily driving needs, with testing including: Cyclical loading through a range of real world load cases including extreme high loads to simulate impacts, up to 800kg of load (equivalent to a total car weight of 3200kg). Over 900hrs of total loaded running time, 70+ days @ 12hrs a day whilst monitored for temperature and vibration throughout the testing and MORE! 

For more information on the extensive testing performed on the wheel bearings and brake disc options, please see here:

NOTE: For those not willing to re drill their OEM rear discs, there is a DBA rotor available off the shelf in 5x114.3 configuration - Part # DBA42663S-10

NOTE #2: For those using the GT model calipers in the front, you will be required to upgrade to upgrade to BRZ, GTS or Brembo caliper options. This is easily checked by measuring the front rotor, if it is 277 x 24 they are the GT model.

NOTE #3: If you are running aftermarket brakes, your front rotor must have a minimum inside diameter of 140mm to clear the conversion hubs (allowing for 1.0mm clearance)


GR86 ZN8
GT86 ZN6

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