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Listing is for:
1x Bolt on dual master cylinder adapter plate
1x Tandem Mount Balance Bar Assembly - 340-16920
1x Front Master Cylinder (5/8", 3/4", 7/8") Let us know which size you want
1x Rear Master Cylinder (5/8", 3/4", 7/8") Let us know which size you want
1x Z34 specific ABS delete manifold
1x Remote Brake Bias valve adjuster - 340-4990
1x Z34 370z dual master cylinder to ABS delete line kit

In order to get the maximum braking performance from your vehicle on track, it is critical to be able to adjust the front to rear brake bias. This adjustment allows you to fine tune how much the front / rear of the car contributes to braking to optimise for different track conditions and your individual driving style.

Existing designs for adding bias control had some significant drawbacks. Pedal boxes can be very expensive and are prohibited by many race series (looking at you FD). While on the other hand, tandem master cylinders and proportioning valves often have limited adjustment, require many new lines and fittings and cannot usually be adjusted on the go. Many companies also neglect to adjust the pedal ratio when deleting the brake booster, leaving the driver with an unusably firm pedal.

Using the GKTECH Dual master cylinder adapter bracket and clevis with wilwoods balance bar design alleviates all of these problems. The OEM pedal assembly is retained, the pedal ratio is adjusted, swappable front / rear master cylinders allow it to suit any brake setup and bias can be adjusted on the fly (using wilwoods balance bar adjuster cable).

The GKTECH braided brake lines are assembled using stainless steel fittings and hose that consists of a Teflon inner tube wrapped in stainless steel braid and a PVC outer coating for protection. The brake lines have been independently tested to comply with FMVSS106 standards for brake hoses. This makes the lines ADR approved in Australia and they are marked as such on the brake line assemblies.

The FMVSS106 testing procedure that the lines have been tested against includes the following tests:

- 370lbs pull test
- 35 hour whip test
- 7000psi burst test
- -45degC to 146degC temperature tests
- 24 hour salt corrosion resistance test

Note: We recommend doing research on master cylinder options to suit YOUR specific setup, there are an infinite level of variables and therefor we cannot advise what is best to suit YOUR car.

Note 2: Each adapter is sold with a template to adjust the pedal ratio.

Note 3: ABS will need to be deleted

Z34 370Z

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