GT35 Turbo Braided Oil & Water Line Kit



GT35 Oil & Water Line Kit

Our high quality water and oil kits come with all the bits and pieces needed when you are installing a new turbo vehicle. Even if you currently have the copper line fittings you probably want to look at installing new turbo fittings that this kit supplies on your turbo to give that turbo a longer life. The factory copper lines tend to crack as they get older and can cause massive oil leaks and damage your turbo, engine and vehicle.

* Perfect when replacing a turbo or needing lines to replace the copper factory ones.
* High quality lines will ensure you wont have problems with leaks
* Suited for most GT35 turbo's on the market

* Water/Oil/Banjo/Copper Washer fittings and flanges
* x2 lengths of braided hose with fittings.
* x1 1050mm lengths braided hose
* x1 400mm lengths braided hose

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