HKB Mitsubishi Evo 4-6 Airbag Boss Kit OM-218



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HKB is known in the industry as the top quality boss kits in the market, when you purchase an aftermarket steering wheel you will be needing a boss kit so that you can use your steering wheel on your vehicle. All you need to do is unbolt your factory steering wheel from your vehicle and place this boss kit in the place of your steering wheel and it should fit on snug. Once the boss kit is on you can place the aftermarket steering

* Boss kit also suits: RVR SPORTS GEAR N11-28W(with Air Bag) 94/9-, FTO DE2/3(with Air Bag) 94/10-, ECLIPSE D32(with Air Bag) 95/6-, GALANT EA-C(with Air Bag Only) 96/9-, COLT Z25, Z27(with Air Bag) 02/11 -, STRADA K34T(with Air Bag) 91/6-, CHARIOT GRANDIS N33-64(with Air Bag) 94/9 - 03/5, SPACE GEAR PA-F(with Air Bag Only) 94/5- GTO Z16A(with Air Bag, w/o Cruise Control) 90/11- TOWN BOX MINICA H31-36(with Air Bag, w/o Emergency Light on the Handle) 93/9-98/9, TOWN BOX MINICA All Type(with Air Bag, After M/C) 98/10-, DEVONEA S20(with Air Bag) 92/10-, DELICA P01-35(with Air Bag) 90/9-, TOPPO BJ WIDE H40(with Air Bag) 99/1-, CHALLENGER with Air Bag Only 96/7-, DIAMANTE Σ F30(with Air Bag) 95/1-, PAJERO MINI All Type(with Air Bag, Emergency Light on the Meter) 95/1-98/9, PAJERO MINI H50(with Air Bag) 98/10-08/8, PAJERO V23-48(with Air Bag Only) 96/6-99/8, PAJERO IO All Type(with Air Bag) 94/6-, PAJERO JR All Type(with Air Bag, Emergency Light on the Meter) 95/11-, MINICAB BRAVO U40(with Air Bag, Emergency Light on the Meter) 84/6-98/9, MINICAB BRAVO U60(with Air Bag) 99/1 -, MINICAB BRAVO All Type(with Air Bag, After M/C) 98/10-, MIRAGE CJ2-4(with Air Bag) 95/10-, LANCER EVOLUTION CD9(with Air Bag, EVO3-6) 95/10-, LANCER EVOLUTION CT9(with Air Bag) 01-, LANCER CEDIA WAGON CS2-5(with Air Bag) 00/5-, LIBERO CB/CD5, 8(with Air Bag Only) 95/9-

* High quality genuine HKB Boss Kit
* Casted to perfection
* Direct fitment

Included with the Boss Kit:
* Steering Wheel HUB Adapter (BOSS HUB)
* Wires to connect the horn
* Bolts and Allen Key

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