Wheel Hub Centric Rings for Mags



Wheel Hub Centric Rings for Mags to locate your rims or spacers onto your hub or mags wheels

These are a great product when you are fitting either after market mags onto your vehicle or wheel spacers. These hub centric rings will center your mags or your wheel spacer perfectly onto your hub. Which will mean there will be no movement or play in the wheel or spacer, ultimately meaning a safer ride. You need these installed in your vehicle in order to pass WOF when you have after market rims or wheel spacers on your vehicle.

* Hub Location rings suited for mag wheels and spacers
* Made from high quality Nylon
* Lifetime Warranty

We have the following centric rings available, choose from the drop down menu and add to your cart.

4WD Vehicles - 108-93 / 108-100 / 108-106 / 110.2-106 /110.2-108
Common Cars - 67.1-54.1 / 67.1-56.1 / 67.1-57.1 / 72.5-66.9 / 72.5-69.6 / 73.1-54.1 / 73.1-66.1 / 73.1-69.6 / 73.1-66.9 / 73.1-56.1 / 73.1-57.1 / 73.1-60.1 / 73.1-64.1 / 73.1-65.1 / 73.1-66.6 / 73.1-67.1 / 73.1-70.7

* x1 Hub Centric Ring ( if you need x4 just change quantity to x4 etc )

We have a huge range of bolt on wheel spacers for a wide range of vehicles starting from 3mm , 5mm, 10mm , 25mm , 30mm and our huge 50mm wheel spacers and hub adapters.

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