Intercooler 450x230x65

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Front Mount Intercooler 450x230x65 with 2.5" inlet and outlet pipes.

An intercooler is primarily used to cool the compressed air from a turbo. The heat from the exhaust side of the turbo heats the intake side and compressing the air heats it further. Hot air is less dense and as such will have less oxygen for every square centimetre of air entering your engine. The intercoolers job is to cool the compressed air down, this makes the air denser and thus increases the amount of oxygen entering the engine for the same volume of compressed air. Colder intake temperatures then drop the temperature of the engine and the exhaust afterwards which also helps the turbo not get so hot, dropping intake temperatures even further.

Measurements: 620mm overall size / Core size 450x230x65 / inlet-outlet size 2.5"
A complete universal intercooler, can be used on any vehicle.
Strong bar and plate design tested to over 80psi.
Compressed air flow rate of 750 cubic - feet/min
Finish in polished aluminium
Good for 400HP

x1 Intercooler

Scarles offers a huge range of silicon hose (Flexi-Grip) , T bolt clamps and universal alloy piping to complete any intercooler setup for your vehicle.

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