Lock Nuts Spline 12x1.25 Black



Wheel Nuts Spline 12x1.25 - Slim Lug Nuts

Our Scarleslock nuts are super slim to fit in the tightest of spots with many mags that have small diameter holes in them where conventional wheel nuts do not fit in the holes. Even if you have standard wheels and you just need some new quality wheels nuts these will serve the purpose on the standard or aftermarket wheels. You will require a 19mm socket head to fit the locking key into when tightening and loosing the gorilla nuts.

* Suits vehicles like Subaru , Nissan, Infiniti and other makes
* Made from high quality steel
* Thread pitch 12x1.25
* Nut dimensions: 35mm tall, 20mm diameter
* Key dimensions: 75mm tall, 20mm diameter, 19mm head

* x1 Spline nut key
* x4 Spline nuts in Black

Scarlesoffers a range of multi fit wheel spacers ranging from 3 , 5 and 10mm when you require that extra spacing for your wheels.

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