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Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Bolt On 400HP+ Turbo



Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 Turbo direct bolt on - upgrade turbo

This turbo has TD05 turbo flange, which means it will bolt up to many Mitsubishi vehicles. It will also fit onto any other TD05 Turbo flanged exhaust manifolds on other vehicles. This is a perfect replacement or upgrade turbo for your vehicle. Turbos hugely increase horsepower and can be fitted onto most vehicles no problems. Different size turbos will give different results, small turbos generally spoil up quicker giving quicker response but less top end power or larger turbos take longer to spoil up but high top end power.

• Shipping may take up to 10 working days because of the quick turn over of this product. Please ask us for further information regarding this before you buynow.
• Factory turbo replacement for your vehicle, it puts out around 400HP+
• Factory part numbers for TD05HR#49378-01570, 49378-01580 etc
• Perfect upgrade for your Evo vehicle from your standard one
• TD05 Flange, TD05 Core setup
• Turbo actuator 1.2Bar

• x1 Turbo
• x1 Oil line , water line and gasket fitting kit

Scarles™ offers a wide range of boost controllers for your vehicle, just enquiry about them and we can recommend the best type for your car.