Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 Fuel Rail Kit



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ScarlesMitsubishi Evolution 4-9 Fuel Rail

Scarleshas the latest range of High Quality, reliable fuel rail kits for vehicle specific applications, Don't skip on quality when you come to your fuel system. These are NOT made in China so you wont have any flakes of metal going into your fuel system and these are not made in mass production like the HKS replica fuel rails. No longer do you need those Greedy Intake plenums to make these work. These are the most direct upgradable fuel rails in the market that you don't require to modify much to make these work. Increase your fuel efficiency and fuel flow with these well designed, smooth finish fuel rail kits bought to you by Scarles.

Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 - 1996 - 2009 - 4G63t Engine
High Quality Fuel rail Kit - see the difference in quality and the finish
Suit to fit onto factory intake manifolds and plenums.
Fits Top Feed Injectors

x1 Fuel Rail and fittings

Scarlessells all your fuel system needs from SardFuel Pressure Regulators to High Quality 500HP WalbroFuel Pumps for internal or external use with a surge tank.

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