Nissan Safari TD42 Turbo Oil Feed Kit



Our high quality oil feed kits are used to fit onto many different application turbos but in specific our SCR320 turbos and T3T4 type of turbos. This line is the exact part you need to feed your precious turbo oil. You can screw this directly into the top of the turbo (when available) or into one of our oil feed flanges that bolt onto the turbo. The other end is the correct thread to screw straight into the block of the engine. This oil feed line has be tried, tested and proven to fit our Nissan Safari TD42 Turbo setups and also other custom turbo setups for the safaris.

* High Quality Feed Pipe
* 1/8npt on the 45 degree part and 1/4npt on the other end
* Teflon Hose
* 700mm Length
* Suited for SCR320, T3, T4, TB03, TD04B, T04E Turbos.
* Will fit other similar sized feed pipes on turbos.
* Vehicles like Nissan Safari / Nissan Patrol GQ GU & Y60 . TD42 4.2L Engines.

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