Nuke 8mm Push in Vacuum Tubing - 10m / 32ft (Order in)



*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in

Check out the Nuke website to see what else they offer and more info

8mm (5/16") Push In Vacuum Tubing in black polyethylene. Delivered in pre-cut lengths of 10m (32.80ft).

Pre-cut in 10m / 32.80ft pieces, fit all our products with the delivered quick connect pneufit fittings such as our blow-off valves, air jacks, and vacuum stations.

High-quality polyethylene, suited for secure connections up to 10 BAR / 150 PSI. Suited for vacuum or boost (air), no fluids.

Available in 6mm (1/4") and 8mm (5/16"). The 8mm (5/16") is also available in 2m length, available here.

Quantity: 1pc = 10m / 32.80ft

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