Nuke Titanium Heat Protection Sleeves, 1m (3.3ft)



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1M of Heat sleeve

Titanium heat protection sleeves in 1m (3.3ft) pre-cut lengths from Nuke Performance are a perfect solution for space-efficient and effective heat protection in your engine bay.

Nuke Performance offers titanium heat protection sleeves in 1m (3.3ft) lengths. They work as an effective heat protection for your fuel lines, oil lines, and electrical wires from direct or radiant heat. Also available in pre-made dual layer 20, 30, and 40cm versions (available here).

 Available in 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm internal diameters
 Pre-cut titanium sleeve lengths of 1m (3.3ft)
 Resists continuously use at 650?C (1200?F)
 Heat management from Sweden

The sleeves are made of pure lava rock fiber, resistant to really high temperatures, and much more efficient than traditional heat protection with the same thickness. Thanks to its high flexibility it is easy to expand and retract with as much as +/- 25% of its internal diameter. Extremely easy to mount around your fittings, hoses, adapters, and much more.

 Available in various internal diameters between 15mm and 30mm, perfect for your fuel lines, oil lines, and the Nuke Performance BQL system.
Available in several internal diameters which makes them perfect for use with the Nuke Performance fuel lines, and the new BQL corrugated hoses for Oil Catch Can installations and kits. Durable for continuous exposure at up to 650?C (1200?F) and short-term exposure at up to 1100?C (2000?F).

Easy to secure to its location with our stainless steel locking ties (available here), ensuring not only a tight fit but also that the heat sleeve remains securely in place.
Stainless steel locking ties, 4.6mm x 200mm, 5pcs Part # : 290-01-103

Available in several sizes, make sure to select the right specification when placing your order. Also available in pre-made dual layer sleeves (available here), made in 20cm, 30cm, and 40cm lengths.
Titanium Heat Protection Sleeve, ID15mm, 100cm Part # : 290-15-100
Titanium Heat Protection Sleeve, ID20mm, 100cm Part # : 290-20-100
Titanium Heat Protection Sleeve, ID25mm, 100cm Part # : 290-25-100
Titanium Heat Protection Sleeve, ID30mm, 100cm Part # : 290-30-100

 Titanium Heat Protection Sleeves, 1m Specification :
For more information about the product, contact us directly.

 Material Titanium fiber / lava rock fiber
 Continuous temperature 650?C (1200?F)
 Melt temperature 1100?C (2000?F)
 Available lengths 100cm (3.3ft)
 Available inner diameters 15mm / 20mm / 25mm / 30mm
 Flexibility +/- 25% *
 For motorsports use YES

* may vary between the different internal diameters


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