T3 Oil Feed Flange



Turbo Flange Oil Feed

When you have a new turbo you will need to run oil lines into the turbo. A lot of aftermarket turbos have the need for a turbo feed flange and this is a universal flange and if this is the right bolt spacing for your turbo this is the flange for you.

Measurements: Centre hole 1/8th NPT Thread / Centre to Centre bolt holes 38.55mm
Fitment: T3 / T3 T4 / T3/T4 / T04E / T04B / T4 / Garret and other turbos also!
High-temperature Resistance - will not distort
Made from full aluminium

x1 feed flange
x1 Gasket
x2 Bolts and washers

We have your full turbo accessories available. From feed gaskets, oil drain flanges, oil drain gaskets, feed lines and oil drain pipes.

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