Prosport Fuel Level Gauge PERFORMANCE SERIES



Prosport Fuel Level Gauge BASIC SERIES - 52mm

When you need an aftermarket fuel level gauge look no further, this little gem will serve you well. Our well designed, sleek and sophisticated stepper motor system will see you easily able to read you fuel level in whatever vehicle you are needing one. Whether yours has stopped working or you just want a smoked style gauge, look no further we have the solution.

Fits any vehicle whether its Petrol or Diesel
This gauge has a Black bezel, Black case and is Blacked out when off.
Reads accurately from empty to full.
52mm Gauge (2" diameter)
Illuminates when wired up
Electric Fuel Level Gauge
Mounting hardware ( Mounting cup not included)

Scarles has a huge range of various gauges for your vehicle, whether you need to measure your boost levels, water temp or exhaust temperature we have you covered.!

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