Radiator Fan Fitting Kit for Mounting



Radiator Fan mounting kits

When you purchase a radiator fan you need to mount it cleanly and tidily onto your radiator. How these kits work is they are like a one-way cable tie, so they don't loop around like a cable tie they just stay straight and tighten up. Our radiator fans come with mounting clips and these mounting kits adapt perfectly onto those clips so it holds your radiator fan flush against your radiator. It comes through the fins of your radiator without damaging the radiator if installed correctly.

Enough to mount one electric radiator fan only.
Quality Plastic Mounting Ties


4x Ties
4x locker
4x Rubber Washers

Scarles has a huge range of radiator fans ranging from 7, 10, 12, 14 and 16 inch. Full Electric and a perfect replacement or performance upgrade for your radiator.


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