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Safari TD42 GU GQ Turbo Manifold


4WD MAN0001

Mudstuck™ Custom TD42 manifold

This manifold is custom made & was designed in house with the purpose of producing the ultimate TD42 turbo manifold. The only 6 into 1 to centre, symmetrical middle turbo mounted TD42 manifold to exist, we spent 6 months of R&D to create this 4th generation manifold. This design was made to get the cleanest uninterrupted flow possible. Made only from 3mm mild steel. This manifold will not crack guaranteed!

Boasting a 400rmp engagement over any other manifold on the market with the same turbo & wastegate setup (250rpm guaranteed). This was the result from our extensive testing. Made to run optimised only with the SCR320 turbo. Either run it with the internal wastegate or unbolt it and run a 44mm external. For smaller applications & earlier spool the SCR280 is ideal


* Generation 4
* Made of mild steel
* No crack guarantee
* 3mm Wall thickness
* Suited as a top mount manifold
* Gaskets and Bolts sold separately
* T3 Turbo Flange & will fit factory turbos
* Made with 44mm or 45mm External Wastage port with blocking plate included
*2 Year Warranty

Nissan Safari or Patrol TB42 or TD42 Turbo Exhaust Manifold. Suited for Y60