Scarles Performance Fuel System Setup



When you are looking at either maintaining your performance vehicle or upgrading your current fuel system you will need these products as the base essentials for any modified vehicle. These are the highest quality parts from Japan and USA and are built to last and give you the extra performance you require. Why skip out on quality when it comes to your fuel system, the food of your vehicle. Not only will these increase the performance of your vehicle they will also increase the life that your engine is running for, its a win win situation.

* Sard Regulators Supplied with 8mm Hose tails.
* Highest Quality Fuel Regulator for high performance vehicles
* Fuel Pressure regulator that can be used on any vehicle
* Comes with a 500hp internal Fuel Pump - Walbro GSS341/GSS342 Fuel pump
* Fuel Rail Adapter to suit most vehicles (let us know which vehicle you have)
* Fuel Regulator Gauge to screw into the SARD regulator.

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