MAC Valve Boost Solenoid



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MAC Valve Boost Solenoid *SCARLES*

Scarles is proud to offer genuine Mac Vale Boost Solenoids. These electronic boost control solenoids allow an ECU to control boost pressure on a turbocharged engine. These valves can be configured as a 3-way or 2-way normally closed or normally open or can be used for vacuum, divertor or selector applications. Perfect for electronic boost controllers and compatible with nearly every brand.

x3 1/8th BSP Ports
Genuine Mac Valve 35A-ACA-DDBA-0BA
Same as 35A-ACA-DDBA-1BA

x1 Boost Solenoid

Scarles has a huge range of various gauges for your vehicle, whether you need to measure your water temp, oil pressure or exhaust temperature we have you covered.

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