Prosport Exhaust Temp Gauge 60mm Supreme Series



60mm Supreme Series Electric EGT gauge

200-1100C range

Using a 270° sweep Stepper movement for accuracy, now you can easily learn the Exhaust temperature & how your modifications will affect the engine performance. With this gauge you can now tune your vehicle for peak performance.

Ideally these are suited for diesel vehicles, especially those running an aftermarket turbo for increase power and performance. Your exhaust gets extremely hot under pressure and load when you are towing for example and it is important you know your temperature to avoid any malfunction with your vehicle due to excessive heat. Now you can easily know the EGT temperature and how your modifications will affect the engine performance.

- Japanese Stepper Motor Movement
- White & Amber LED Backlight
- Adjustable Warning Function with Sound & Mute Features
- Peak Function – Max Value Recall & Clear
- 6 Levels of Brightness Adjustment for Day and Night
- Daisy Chain Power Supply
- With Waterproof Plug
- Opening & Closing Ceremony
- Electrical Exhaust temperature gauge

Now you can concentrate on driving instead of watching your gauges. Set the warning feature to go off at any temperature you want.

(200-1100 C includes K-type Sender, Mounting base, quick connect pigtail wiring, Decal and Instructions)


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