Truhart Rear Lower Camber Arms 03-08 Nissan 350z/ 03-07 Nissan V35



TruHart rear lower camber arms for Nissan 350z/ Nissan V35 replace your factory arm with a strengthened adjustable arm. Our arms utilize spherical bushings which allows for less deflection and provides a more direct feel road feel than OE bushings.

Truhart is New Zealand's only certifiable and legal suspension arms as we can provide all the paperwork needed to get these legal on the road, but are also perfect for the track and racing use. These camber arms can adjust the camber angle of wheels , and is required when you lower the vehicle with aftermarket suspension.

* Certifiable in New Zealand and Road Legal (documents provided if needed)
* High Quality Rubber Eye Mounts
* Fully Adjustable Lower Camber arms
* Sold Per Pair

Fits: 03-08 Nissan 350z/ 03-07 Nissan V35

1x Pair of Rear Lower camber arms

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