T3T4 Turbo Actuator



Scarles™ T3T4 Turbo Internal REAR ACTUATOR (wastegate)

Turbo maintenance is vital to the life and reliability of a turbo and it’s performance. If your internal wastegate isn't functioning correctly, or worse yet at all then you better start logging some overtime cause you’re on the fast track to that dreaded place called rebuild land. Running the correct internal wastegate setup and ensuring that all your turbos components are operating correctly means you can get more performance when you need it. The Scarles™ T3/T4 Turbo Actuator is the perfect replacement for T3 T4 styled turbos, meaning your turbo can boost longer and harder, now who doesn’t like the sound of that.

* Bolts onto the side of most factory and aftermarket turbo units.
* High Quality Rear turbo flange and Actuator
* Can adjust the boost of your turbo
* Rated at 14.7psi actuator

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