Silicone Vacuum Hose Blue 4mm



Silicone Vaccum Hose for Boost Lines Blue 4mm inside diameter.

When you need to replace or fancy up your engine bay's hoses you need quality hose. Flexi-Grip Vacuum hose is made from the finest silicon, so much so you can literally feel the quality of it. You can use vacuum hose for a number of different applications, from radiator overflow line, boost line, vacuum line, This size is suited for boost gauges , boost controllers , wastegates and also blow off valves.

* Made from quality silicone
* 4mm inside diameter
* 2mm wall thickness
* Sold per Meter

* x1 Meter of Vacuum hose

We have a range of high quality stainless steel Tbolt clamps available ranging from 1.5" up to 4" to help keep your Flexi-Grip hoses in place.

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