Simota Pod Filter Sock Cover



Simota Pod Filter Sock Cover

When you need that extra production for your air filter and you don't have the room to build a cold air box but you still want to protect your air filter from the elements like dirt and dust you can't go passed this very genius idea. This will fit nearly every pod filter on the market ranging from 2.5" inlet filters up to 4". It is tight squeeze over the filter but its secure and will product your engine and air filter.

Easy to fit on and shapes to the pod filter
Suited for pod filters 2.5" - 4" inlets
Does not have Simota printed logo on the side
Durable Fabric Materials

x1 Pod filter sock

Scarles has a massive range of air intake products ranging from pod filter adapters to pod filters to aluminium intake pipes. We have you covered when it comes to your engine.

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